SML Mario
Mario (also known as Donkey, Daddy, and Folk by Jeffy, Shrek, and Black Yoshi; Lord Mascot by Mario; Demon by Bowser) is the main antagonist of PlushTyler. He is a character of the SML videos and the owner of the house in the SML universe. He is also the arch-rival of the PlushTyler. He is voiced by Logan Thirtyacre.

Occupation - Overlord, Adoptive Father, Boyfriend

Hobbies - Bringing chaos to PlushTyler

Goals - To bridge a gap between SuperMarioLogan and PlushTyler, kill anyone who dares to oppose gim

Type of Villain: Overlord, Mastermind, Plumber, Demon

Origin from SuperMarioLogan Edit

Mario used to have a good time with his friends including Rosalina. But after a while, he has done some cruel acts including: trying to abandon Jeffy at the park, attempting to kill the Angry Birds, and killing Peewee the Turtle. These acts happened in SuperMarioLogan's videos. In Jeffy's Favorite Song, his head was bit off by a monstrous rabbit.

Being Summoned Edit

Mario was summoned by Bowser. Bowser and Mario make a deal for when Mario tries to destroy Molly's mind, Bowser will help Mario with whatever he is working on. Stay tuned for what happens when this evil overlord appears.

Trivia Edit

In the SuperMarioLogan universe, he is just a plumber who is bald.

However, he has powers of an overlord in the PlushTyler universe.

This is just and opportunity and possibility.

Two Marios are arch-nemesises to each other.